August Term Registrations open

This will be our first batch of online students. We are so excited to welcome you all on this accelerated journey. Please feel free to send us your feedback on our registration process. We want to know how easy or difficult it was for you.


We have just added all the A-level Math Courses Online. 

Excited to get your A-levels math done in one year? Well, we are just as eccentric for you. Math is a great subject to have for A-levels. A lot of Universities give preference to A-levels Math 


August Term Registrations now close!

But do not worry, we've got you covered. Our next term dates will be announced in a few days. Make sure to keep an eye out!


Thanks to all the protests in the UK.

This year has surely been unlike any other. Especially for students and education institutions. As Edexcel is the dominant examination board in the Uk, thousands of students got out and protested the current grading methods used. It was due to this Edexcel quickly responded and made the essential changes to the grading system.

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