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BIS Online Assessment Policy

BIS Online students are expected to achieve a minimum of 65% in each course/subject to be eligible to receive a Course Completion Certificate from British International School. The breakdown of the 100% of each course is done by multiple assignments, group projects, quizzes, assessments & tests.. All these are conducted Online through our online learning portal. It is your responsibility to be aware of the time and date of your assignment submission deadlines, dates and time of Quizzes, Class tests. You will be provided with a 100% mark breakdown of each enrolled course. Students must attend and complete all assessments. If students are found to be involved in any unfair and dishonest practises towards BIS Online Course assessments, they may be disqualified from all their courses.

Plagiarism Policy

Notice: Policy on Plagiarism

  • Presenting the work or ideas of someone else as my own constitutes plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct and will not be tolerated at British International School or BIS Online. More on the BIS Academic Integrity Policy.
  • It is my responsibility to know "what plagiarism is and how to avoid it". More on Avoiding Plagiarism.
"I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above."

Responsibilities & Policies

British International School and BIS Online requires all members of the School to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a learning and working environment characterized by encouragement, free enquiry, integrity, mutual respect, professionalism, recognition of achievement, and social responsibility. The School respects diversity, is civil, and provides for individual safety. British International School and BIS Online creates policies to address important issues and outline practices and expected behaviours. British International School and BIS Online students must be aware of and comply with the School's policies and procedures.

Admission Policies

Document Verification

All documents are regularly verified. Evidence of fabricated or falsified documents will result in the denial of admission to BIS Online.

Retention of Student Records

British International School and BIS Online retains records of academic performance indefinitely within our archives and can request previously taken board exam results through Pearson Edexcel. The School retains materials that support admission from one year after the first registration up to five years after last activity on the student record, depending on the type of document.

Protection of Student Privacy

British International School and BIS Online respects and protects the privacy of students and prospective students by placing strict controls on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Student Privacy

Defending your right to privacy:

Our employees follow a code of business conduct that requires the protecting and proper collection, use and disclosure of personal information. The School places strict controls on the protection and use of personal information within our systems and ensures that our employees are trained to respect your privacy at all times.

What is personal information?

Personal information is recorded information about an identifiable individual other than workplace contact information. Student personal information may include your British International School or BIS Online student identification number, grades and course schedule as well as your name, address, email address and telephone number which the School stores electronically or on paper.

Collection and Use:

British International School or BIS Online collects and maintains the information it receives as part of the Admission Process.

Course cancellation policy for BIS Online

The School reserves the right to cancel or reschedule Courses that do not reach minimum enrolment requirements. In such cases, the School must make every effort to inform the student prior to the start date.

In the event of a Course cancellation by the School for the respective start date, a full refund of the Registration Fee paid must be issued unless the student requests to defer the Registration Fee to a later Course start date.