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Frequently asked questions

I do not live in Karachi & cannot sit board examinations through BIS Karachi Centre.

If you are unable to sit your A-level Edexcel Board Exams at BIS Karachi, we will guide you to register for your A-level Edexcel Board Examinations through your nearest British Council wherever you are in Pakistan or Aborad.

I did not graduate with the required 65% but still want to attempt the Board Examinations.

You can do so at your own discretion. However, you will not be able to register for your board exams through our centre and must do so on your own through British Council.

Why do you require a 65% mark to register students for board exams through BIS Karachi.

This is done so to ensure that the student has the best understanding of the topics and highest chance of scoring their desired mark in their board examination.

What if i decide to not sit for Edexcel Board examination right after I complete the online course.

Totally up to you! Edexcel board exams are held twice a year for many of the subjects. If you wish to take a break or practice a little more you can totally do so. When you feel you are ready to sit for your Board Examinations you can always get back in touch with us and we will help guide you through the process

When are Edexcel Board Exams held?

This depends on the course you are studying. Generally Edexcel Board exams are held in January & June.

Do I have to sit all the Units exams together?

This is why Edexcel is great. Because your courses are divided into seperate units, you can to either sit for all the unit exams in one go or divide them over months. The choise is yours. This gives the candidate more control & time for preparation to aim for the highest overall grade for the Subject/Course.