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English Language


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52 weeks

Application Fee:

RS 2,000

USD 35


Monthly Fee:

RS 8,950

USD 85


Unit 1:

Language context and Identity 

50% of total iAS

Unit 2:

Language in Transition 

50% of total iAS

Unit 3:

Crafting Language (writing)

25% of total iAL

Unit 4:

Investigating Language

25% of total iAL

English Unit 1: Description - Duration 12 Weeks


This unit introduces students to how language is used across a range of different sources. Students will explore how the contexts of production and reception affect language choices in spoken and written language.


Students will explore how writers and speakers present themselves to their audiences, constructing identities through their language choices. They will also demonstrate their understanding by creating a new text. By concentrating on what language does and how it varies to perform different functions, teaching can build on students’ prior knowledge from GCSE and International GCSE English Language and on their experience as language users.


English Unit 2: Description - Duration 12 Weeks

  • Planning a business and raising finance

  • Financial planning

  • Managing finance

  • Resource management

  • External influences

This unit introduces students to the ways in which the English language can vary and change, with a focus on English in a global context and the role of English as an international language.


They will learn to explore and critically evaluate how language varies over time in relation to the mechanisms of language change, rather than the historical development of English.

English Unit 3: Description - Duration 12 weeks

In this unit students will demonstrate their skills as writers, crafting texts for different genre, audience, purpose and context.


They will also reflect on their work in an accompanying commentary, making connections with their study of a range of specified writing genres and styles.

English Unit 4: Description - Duration 12 weeks

In this unit, students will have the opportunity to develop their research skills. They will consolidate their knowledge of language frameworks and key language concepts gained from Units 1, 2 and 3.


Students will apply these skills to one topic area from a choice of:


• Global English

• Child Language Development

• Language and Power

• Language and Technology


A subtopic for each of the specified topics will be pre-released to provide a focus for students’ research and prepare them for examinations.