BIS Online

A-level Evening School

Laptop and Phone

Wherever you are, we're bringing British International School's world renowned Edexcel A-level curriculum to you.

All applications must be received before the Registration deadline. Refer to Academic Calendar. Upon receiving a complete Admissions Application, BIS Online's Admissions team will process your application on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students typically get a decision on your Admission application within 7 working days. However, due to the high volume of applications there maybe delays in processing your application. 

If slots fill up for your desired start date, an Admissions Officer will contact you to discuss start date options.

Accepted students will receive a formal letter and a packet of information from the Admissions Office. In order to secure a space in the term, the student must complete the following:

  1. Sign and return the payment contract - The Payment contract will ask you to select your method of monthly fee payment. There are typically 2 options; Pay-by-the-month or Pay Termly.

  2. Pay the first monthly fee instalment before the start date of the course.

  3. Attend Online orientation. Instructions on how to access BIS Online portal will be send via email.