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BIS Online is an Online A-level school and is part of British International School's newest ventures to help reach students beyond the boundaries of our campus.


Are you a student wishing for a faster way to get your A-levels done? Or have freshly graduated from your O-levels/Matric and wish to explore other talents but cant find the time doing so in a traditional school setting. Or are simply a mature student wishing to come back and complete their education. Whatever your reasons may be we've structured our Online A-level courses specifically for students like you. Learn more.

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Offering all the major A-level courses and structuring more fast-paced courses for you!

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BIS Online courses are structured to give out the most knowledge in the shortest time and for that we need to know a little about your background.


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Take off into your future!

We are offering full-time A-levels courses outside of a traditional classroom. You will benefit with the same teacher-student interactive experience of a traditional classroom through our highly interactive live webinars. You will benefit from our experienced teachers and thoroughly structured courses designed to give out the most knowledge in the shortest time within the comforts of your home or office. Following the Edexcel curriculum we are offering 3 Commerce subjects and 1 Language subject and are working to offer more fast-paced subjects in the near future, such as Law; Sciences; Biology, Chemistry, Physics; Information Communication & Technology; French; Spanish; Chinese.

We will prepare you to sit for your A-level board examinations. Teach you how to prepare and structure courseworks and provide you with resources that you will need in order to better your chances of scoring your desired grade in your board examinations.