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Wherever you are, we're bringing British International School's world renowned Edexcel A-level curriculum to you.

Books & Resources

BIS Online teachers will only use books that have been recommended by Pearson Edexcel. This practice is strictly followed in British International School and we have seen tremendous results using the correct resources to teach all our students. We will never teach you from a source that has not officially been approved by Persons Edexcel as sources credible to deliver the correct knowledge.

BIS will provide all learning material(except books) that will aid towards your learning journey - from edexcel past-papers of the last 10 years to the recent locked pastpapers  that only a centre has access to.

We will set a scheme of work document that will guide you through your study dates, topics and what we expect students to learn at the end of each lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

What books will I be using?

Each course comes with their own set of book & resources. Depending on the subjects you are enrolled in we will send you a list of the books you will need for the entire course.

How and where can I order my books?

You can chose to order your books with us and wherever you are in Pakistan we will get your books delievered to you. *There will be additional charges for the books and shipping. However, if you wish to order your books yourself we will provide you with the names of the books that you will need to cover the courses. Email us at to place your order now!

What additional resources will BIS provide?

You will be provided with Pastpapers, Sample work, Additional Reading, Educational Videos in order to better your chances in scoring the highest grade in your board examination.