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British International School A-level Course Completion Certificate 

The BIS Certificate of Course Completion or Course Graduation is awarded to students who successfully complete the course.

Students require a minimum of 65% in each subject to receive a Course Completion Certificate and become eligible to sit their Edexcel Board Examinations through our Edexcel Approved Centre at our BIS Karachi Campus. Alternatively, if you are unable to sit through our centre we will guide you through the exam registration process at your nearest British Council.


Whether you complete your A-levels with us at our Karachi Campus or through our Online school upon meeting the completion requirements you will;

  • be eligible to sit for your board examinations through our centre; BIS Karachi;

  • become a part of our very diverse and successful Alumni.

Edexcel Board Accreditation 

Towards the end of your Courses you will be guided to register for your Edexcel Board examinations. Once you have successfully sat for your board examinations upon receiving your result you will have become an Globally-recognized A-level graduate.

Edexcel Examination Polices

General Information on Edexcel Board Exams.

  • Edexcel Board Examination are NOT held Online and must be given in person at an Edexcel Approved Centre.

  • Edexcel Board Examinations are held three times a year but vary based on the Subject/Course

  • Edexcel Exam papers are NOT marked in Pakistan. Once the candidate completes the exams the exam papers are then sent to the designated examination marker. These are usually within the United Kingdom.

British International School’s Policy for Edexcel Examination.

  • Edexcel Board Exam Registration fee are a separate cost and are NOT added in the monthly course fee.

  • BIS Online will always inform students of important Edexcel Board Examination dates, i.e registration deadline, late registration and exam dates when the dates are officially announced by Pearson Edexcel. 

  • BIS reserves the right to withhold Edexcel Board Examination enrolments from BIS Online students whose performance is below 65% of their online courses.

  • British International School's Edexcel Approved Centre charges Exam Registration Fee from all students. This is a separate charge over monthly tuition payments.

  • If you will be appearing for Edexcel Board Examination through British Council or an Edexcel Approved centre, BIS Karachi is not responsible for your exam registrations.

  • It is your responsibility to be aware of the time and date of your Edexcel Board Examinations, as indicated on the final version of the examination schedule.

  • Do not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice during the exam.

  • If you try to cheat, or break the rules in any way, you could be disqualified from all your subjects.

Frequently asked questions

I do not live in Karachi & cannot sit board examinations through BIS Karachi Centre.

If you are unable to sit your A-level Edexcel Board Exams at BIS Karachi, we will guide you to register for your A-level Edexcel Board Examinations through your nearest British Council wherever you are in Pakistan or Aborad.

I did not graduate with the required 65% but still want to attempt the Board Examinations.

You can do so at your own discretion. However, you will not be able to register for your board exams through our centre and must do so on your own through British Council.

Why do you require a 65% mark to register students for board exams through BIS Karachi.

This is done so to ensure that the student has the best understanding of the topics and highest chance of scoring their desired mark in their board examination.

What if i decide to not sit for Edexcel Board examination right after I complete the online course.

Totally up to you! Edexcel board exams are held twice a year for many of the subjects. If you wish to take a break or practice a little more you can totally do so. When you feel you are ready to sit for your Board Examinations you can always get back in touch with us and we will help guide you through the process

When are Edexcel Board Exams held?

This depends on the course you are studying. Generally Edexcel Board exams are held in January & June.

Do I have to sit all the Units exams together?

This is why Edexcel is great. Because your courses are divided into seperate units, you can to either sit for all the unit exams in one go or divide them over months. The choise is yours. This gives the candidate more control & time for preparation to aim for the highest overall grade for the Subject/Course.