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40 weeks

Application Fee:

RS 2,000

USD 35


Monthly Fee:

RS 8,950

USD 85


Unit 1: 

The Accounting System & Costing - 100% of total iAS

Unit 2: 

Corporate & Management Accounting - 100% of total iAL

Assessment overview:

The paper is split into two sections. Students must complete:

Section A – Two compulsory 55-mark, multi-part questions based on given data.

Section B – Three optional 30-mark, multi-part questions from a choice of four.

There will be a resource booklet that accompanies the examination paper.

Accounting Unit 1 Content Overview - Duration 20 weeks


Students will be assessed on their knowledge, understanding and skills of accounting systems and costing.


This unit is divided into six topics:

  1. Principles of accounting and double entry bookkeeping

  2. Control procedures

  3. Financial statements of organizations

  4. Introduction of costing

  5. Analysis of accounting statements

  6. Social and ethical accounting

Accounting Unit 2: Content Overview - Duration 20 weeks


Students will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of and skills in corporate and management accounting.


This unit is divided into nine topics:

  1. Limited Companies

  2. Investment ratios

  3. Statement of cash flows​​​​​​

  4. Budgeting

  5. Standard costing

  6. Project appraisal

  7. Break-even analysis

  8. Marginal costing and absorption costing

  9. Information and communication technology (ICT) in accounting.